Cuisines from Syria

Enjoy a cultural experience in a refugee home, including ethnic food, conversation, and learning about your hosts’ home country.

*2.5 hours total
*Offered in English
About Your Host
This Experience is Hosted By the Khilos and Faizan family. Recently Resettled Syrian families
What we’ll do
This Experience Will Provide you with the Opportunity to Break Bread with A refugee Family From Syria.
Who can come
Guests of all ages can attend.
Free parking is available on streets . We suggest taking Uber or Lyft.
Where we’ll be
Our  Evening Dinner s take place in our home in Lancaster City.

Food, music and good conversation – a wonderful recipe for bringing our community together. We all have so much to learn from each other – Bridge Possible is a genuine way to start. Thank you to all who shared from their hearts and homelands. Lancaster we are so fortunate to have the neighbors we do!
– Melissa Snavely


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